Tuesday, August 15, 2017

On Uber's suspension

Today, people woke up to the news that Uber was no longer available in the Philippines.

There has been a lot of reactions and violent reactions. Most people are upset because the convenience of their daily ride is now gone. A few have defended LTFRB saying Grab complied and Uber did not which is why they are suspended. For those not aware, Grab and Uber were allowed to continue operating as long as they comply with a certain parameter that was set which Uber did not heed.

Is Uber wrong? YES.

Is LTFRB right in sanctioning them? Yes, BUT ....

The sanction given by LTFRB is way too harsh. We say this because the taxi companies who have been violating LTFRB rules FOR YEARS are still operating and have never been suspended for a month. This is what the LTFRB has granted Uber as sanction. This is the part that riles most people. Taxis can get away with anything.

Uber cannot operate for a month. A MONTH.

The taxi companies and drivers have been vocal about their own violation. It has even become a way of life before which is why people were more than quick enough to welcome Uber with open arms when they came into the picture. If LTFRB had done their job, there wouldn't even be a need for Uber. If LTFRB had fixed the root cause of the problem, there wouldn't be a need for a ride sharing app.

So what is the root cause of all of this?

LTFRB and their selfish ways. This governing body does not look out for it's people and the people they need to be serving. Taxi drivers become greedy bastards because the taxi operators and companies put too high a quota for them to meet daily. The flag down is Php40 and has been the same for many years. The taxi drivers need to make a living and so a lot of them resort to unlawful ways.

LTFRB should have taken a serious look at this problem and fixed this a long time ago. It has now become a cancer that needs major chemo to fix. That or we just cut off the heads of the entire LTFRB because they obviously won't do their job the way it's supposed to be done. We mean this figuratively of course.

This suspension shows how LTFRB does not thoroughly think their decisions. It also proves that they really do not give a damn about the public. They keep using band aid solutions when people like James Deakin have been giving them suggestions that can work for all involved. We also fully support this:

So every application that has not been processed in the allowed time, or every bus, jeep or taxi company that has been allowed to operate even after not paying the victims of crashes, or every complaint from passengers that has not been addressed, they (LTFRB), too should be suspended.

SERVE THE PUBLIC LTFRB, not your own personal interest.

As for the sanction on Uber, sanction them if you must but not at the cost of the public. Have them pay a hefty fine but do not suspend what has become the most trusted ride sharing in the country. If you feel that the sanction is just, apply it to ALL, not just to one.

Be fair. Be consistent. Serve the people. For the love of God, serve the PEOPLE.

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