Friday, March 17, 2017

Maybelline White Superfresh keeps you from looking Hulas

The Philippines is a tropical country. This means that when women wear make up, the chances of looking downtrodden or hulas as it is more popularly known is BIG. No, scratch that. It is inevitable. No matter how you took care of your make up, the weather gets to you and movement results in sweat which ends up with you looking hulas.

Maybelline may just have the solution for you with the new Maybelline White Superfresh powder foundation. Touted as the no-touch up powder foundation that gives you 12 hours fresh, fair, and matte finish keeping you superfresh all day long. What makes this work is that it absorbs 5x more than your ordinary foundation which makes this the best in oil AND sweat control. This also has SPF34+++ and vitamin c to not only protect your skin but also make sure that it stays healthy.

We went out for a day without the Maybelline White Superfresh and this was the end result after walking for just 30 minutes.

When you don't wear the right powder, this is what happens. I walk a bit and I look like I've run a marathon. I hate it. I hate sweating and my face becomes super ugh and eeewww. When people try to greet me with a beso, I cringe coz who wouldn't? No one wants to beso someone gross. When you beso someone, you expect smooth skin, not waterfalls of sweat. The struggle is real friends.

As you can see, sweat glands on overdrive which left me feeling really awful and unprepared for my next meeting. After I cleaned up, I used the Maybelline White Superfresh and ended up looking fresh the rest of the night.

This is really important especially in our line of work because we always need to socialize and kiss other people on the cheek. No one wants to have sweat splattered all over them when they greet you.

If you ever need to ensure that you stay looking and feeling fresh no matter how many times you run around the whole day, Maybelline White Superfresh is the best answer to your woes. Let us know if you used it by posting a similar meme on your social media accounts and use the hashtag #SuperReady #12HoursFresh and tag @welovemaybelline.

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