Monday, October 24, 2016

Maybe ...

Maybe you and I were meant to happen
Only in the dark corners of a room
In a place where no one can see us
Where nobody knows you nor I.

Maybe you and I were meant to be
Only in the dark corners of your mind
For you are not ready to forget and let go
So you cannot hold me in your arms.

Maybe you and I were meant to love
Only in your visions and dreams
Where everything is absolutely perfect
And nothing is absolutely real.


  1. I really love what you wrote! So many feelings in those words.

  2. Beautiful poetry. You are very talented. I think these words would make beautiful lyrics for a song as well. :)

  3. This poem was beautiful. You should write more and post them in here!

  4. What a great poem, this is well-written and I really love it. I feel your soul.

  5. Quite a nicely written poem. The message behind it is quite deep!

  6. Se manifique poem, beautiful stanzas & related to the longing expressed here. unrequited love? or star crossed lovers?

  7. This is a really good poem! Something I have never been very good at.

  8. What a pretty, and emotional, poem! Love it.

  9. This is a really painful post! I feel the reality of pain, the loneliness of the eyes whoever owns the feeling, I feel the pain.

  10. That is filled with emotion and so beautiful. Words are so powerful when used in this way.


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