Monday, October 10, 2016

Dr. Pao Bellosillo's Anti-aging Tips

Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo, International Fellow of Integrative Medicine and American Association of Integrative Medicine, sat down with us one rainy afternoon to discuss and talk about one of the biggest concern of beauty lovers. AGING.

Doc Pao as he is fondly called was kind enough to give us 6 tips on how we can age gracefully or if possible, stop time from showing on our skin.

1. LIFESTYLE CHECK. Since aging is a process we all have to face as we grow old, we must ensure that we start from within: our being. Beauty is definitely not just skin deep. It emanate from within to out and the stress we encounter daily will show up in eyebags, dark spots, wrinkles, and what not. To ensure that this can be avoided, do a lifestyle check. Your lifestyle choices will reflect on your wellness, spirituality, psychological, physiological, and social wellness. No amount of moisturizer can ever beat clean living and a peaceful mind. Anti-aging should start at the biological unit, our cells.

2. BE REALISTIC. There is nothing in this world that can really stop your skin from aging. It will happen. However, you can delay it with the right skin care and the right ways of living.

3. YOUR HEART. The one thing a lot of people overlook when they yearn for anti-aging is their heart. Your heart is the one solely responsible for pumping blood into your body and if it’s not healthy, you will definitely see the results on your skin. We only have one heart. Once it stops beating, we are gone. This is a saying that I often remember and it reminds me that on top of everything, my heart is the first one I need to take care of the most.

4. STRESS. Every time you allow stress to impact you, it actually becomes a threat to your life and this could even lead to death. When someone is stressed, it shows on their skin. When someone is stressed, it will show on their hair, eyes, lips, everything. Never allow stress to make an impact on you. Learn to control and let go.

5. NON INVASIVE TREATMENT. With Doc Pao, you can get photoplethysmography, a method that determines the age of the artery which has been impacted by lifestyle and exposed to many stressors. This will allow you to truly gauge what changes you need to make and what maintenance you need to follow.

6. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AND WHAT YOU DRINK. The food and drinks we take in affect our body. There are many foods that yield good vitamins and these are the things we should eat more of. Berries, salmon, almond, walnuts, spirulina, and green leafy veggies are a must if you want to achieve that youthful glow. All the food mentioned here also have anti-inflammatory properties that will help reverse the ageing of the artery. Acai drinks that come with banana and spirulina have high anti-oxidant and free radical battling properties that can actually reduce the inflammation or stiffening causing factors or thrombus formation in arteries.

In this day and age where everyone is obsessed with looking young, always remember that to look young on the outside, one must feel young on the inside. Be wise. Live a legacy before you leave a legacy. When you take care of your heart, you take care of everything else from within and this will always give you the youthful flow you desire.


  1. I'm not really concerned about aging myself, but these are great tips to keep your skin healthy. I'm happy that he mentioned that most of the work is not topical, but mental and physical in so far as what you're eating. Completely agree!

  2. I see that there are several changes I can make. I just had my 50th birthday so it is definitely time to do it.

  3. I'm at that age where I'm all about using anti aging products. I can see from your post that I need to make some lifestyle changes as well.

  4. I use some anti aging but I am 27 and ppl think I am 18

  5. As I am getting older, I am always looking for tips to help slow the aging process down. I appreciate you sharing these with us.

  6. I think we are all very quick to check our outward appearance and no-one likes to age but we are not so quick to take care of what we can't see. Sometimes we need to be remained of this.

  7. I always look to eating well and hydrating well to slow down aging. I do like what integrative medicine is doing for so many people concerning better health habits.

  8. Hmm you're right, because we can't see the heart, we tend not to think of it first. At least that is def. true for me. Smart reminder that we can proactively take care of it better than most of us do now.


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