Monday, February 1, 2016

Starbucks Media Appreciation Night

It was a night that started with writing down our coffee resolution for 2016. My original thought was to drink more coffee but seeing as I already down 6 to 8 cups a day, I figured that I should probably come up with something better and this was what I thought of.

Afterwards, we were asked to take a seat and I was very thankful to have ended up in a table with friends.

In the photo above, I'm on stage and they included me in the groufie so I'm happy haha. I was singing with the acoustic band. It seems that every time there is a Rockeoke thing, I always end up singing on stage.

The rest of the night saw a lot of food, alcohol, and drinks free flowing. There were also games that tested our knowledge about coffee and it verified that I was indeed a true Starbucks Lover. I could have easily won each contest if I had joined every single one. I joined only one and got lucky coz I won a towel, a bag, and a PILIPINAS card. I also won in the raffle so I got another towel. They also gave us Chocolate Wafers as tokens at the end of the night.

Starbucks was one of those brands I coveted to be partners with and I am so happy that after years of writing about them, I finally got my wish granted. Even better, they appreciate what I do for them and it just makes me more of their fan and supporter. Cheers Starbucks. Thank you for the love.

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