Monday, February 8, 2016

Matters of the Heart with Doc Pao

It is the month of love and of course everyone would like to talk about heart matters but one heart matter that is almost always forgotten is the health of our hearts. Doc Pao noticed this and because of that, he thought that to help lessen the high rate of heart attacks in the country, we need to discuss the real matter of the heart.

The 3 most common heart ailments are coronary artery disease, stenosis of valves, and cardiac insufficiency that manifests itself through hypertension and diabetes. What is alarming about these diseases is that most of it does not make its presence known until it’s too late. This is why a lot of families and friends feel quite shocked when someone has a heart attack. There are almost always no signs.

Most likely you are now thinking, “So how can I prevent this from happening to me?” Well one of the things that you can do is to be more mindful of the food you take in, the medicines you ingest, the supplements you dose yourself with daily because all of this affects your heart. Yes, even the supplements taken and medicines that are meant to fix other things. You also need to review your exercise regimen or most likely, lack thereof. You don’t need to run a marathon or take Zumba classes or enrol in Yawyan classes but you do need to have some moderate cardio either through walking, jogging, swimming, or biking. Keeping blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar in check.

Another thing to remember in preventing heart diseases is that you need to drink adequate amounts of mineral and alkaline water. Reducing stress where possible is also strongly recommended. Having a positive attitude also helps and ensuring you have 7 – 9 hours of sleep daily works. Of course we know that it is almost impossible to get this daily but try to get more than 5 hours at least.

There are also foods that can help strengthen the heart such as leeks, onions, tomatoes, ginger, apple, berries, goji, lemon, and spinach. You can either eat it or juice the fruits and vegetables. Preserved food and junk food needs to be lessened.

For those who want to ensure that they have no initial signs of a heart problem, they can get a stress test as well as 2D echo to check the status of their heart. You can discuss with an integrative doctor such as Dr. Paolo Bellosillo for any necessary adjustments that need to be undertaken. They can also monitor blood pressure daily to make sure that everything is in check. You don’t need to have invasive checkups when you can discuss things with a nonsurgical doctor who can help monitor and bring your heart condition to a healthy level.

Get organized, and decide to live a legacy by providing friendly solutions to cardiac anomalies that can be prevented by you, and not knives or scissors.  This should be the last resort. Wouldn’t you want to just live a healthy lifestyle and live life to the fullest without ever having to go under the knife? I know I would.

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