Friday, March 29, 2013

thoughts on LDR ... or quasi LDR ....

FM has been out of the country 3x since we have been together. In all those trips, he has managed to stay in touch with me on an almost daily basis. Due to this, I have come to realized that LDR's are not as hard to maintain as they used to be. With all the technology available, it really is the physical aspect that will just be missing but nothing more.

FM and I used GTalk, YM, Twitter, Facebook, and even Skype to stay in touch with each other. We share photos via Facebook as well as twitter. I am able to share what is happening in my daily life and he is able to share what he is seeing on his trips as well. I feel like even though we're thousands of miles apart, we are still close to each other.

Now I know that his trips only last  a week or so and I wouldn't know how it is if he's busy working and its months. However, if the week long vacation is a hint of how FM and I coordinate and keep in touch, I think that even if we were miles away, we'd still be able to stay in touch with each other.

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