munimuni # 77

It's been 4 months since the last munimuni that I had. A lot of things has happened and life has been pretty much exciting. Are they good changes? I hope so.

First, I no longer work for COACH. I now work for the family business and it has been quite an experience. I  now travel a minimum of 4.5 hours daily to get to work and to get home. I live in the South but I work in the North. I don't mind as long as it doesn't rain. When it does, let's just say I'm not the best person I can be.

Working for your Mom and Dad can be quite a challenge as well. They disagree and they don't get along at times. It's hard. You can't really be an employee and not care. You are a child so you care. Sometimes though, I wish that I could just treat them as my employers, nothing more nothing less.

Also, you don't need to file for leaves or the like which is good. However, since its a family business, you end up living and breathing it which I really don't like. It's toxic.

I am learning a lot though. I am also becoming frustrated and sad. I hope that I get over this soon. I really do. It's not a good feeling to have. I'm just lucky that FM is there for me and he makes sure that I am able to let off steam.

I also miss blogging. Operations consume most of my time and its been hell. I can't use my phone as much nor go online as much as I would like to. It sucks. Seriously.

Still, I am the eldest and I must do what I must. I just need to suck it up. Yep, I need to. I have to ... for at the end of the day, it will be for my future and most importantly, my son's future.