Monday, March 18, 2013

its been a year ....

A year ago, FM and I became a couple. It was something that we were both not expecting but it has been a wonderful surprise. We have had a lot of problems but luckily, with love, patience, and a lot of understanding, we are still together, holding on to each other, and loving each other.

Last weekend, we celebrated it in a very simple way. The past year has been full of food, milk tea, love and laughter. During the weekend, we commemorated it with food, milk tea, love, and laughter.

We had lunch at Alfredo's Steak House, passed by Art in the Park, had dinner at Terry's, and then milk tea at Saint Alps.

Rob Cham sketched us at Art in the Park
lunch at Alfredo's Steak House
dinner at Terry's
milk tea at Saint Alps
funny face ... just like on our first date :)
Happy Anniversary my funny man. I love you.


  1. Congatulations on your 1st wedding anniversary.

    New follower here,

    1. thanks. It's not a wedding anniversary though ... not yet ;)


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