Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Our family is not really the type to celebrate Easter. I remember when I was a kid that my Mom would at times buy me these pretty Easter Eggs. It was the extent of my Easter experience for I have never participated in an Easter Egg hunt.

My little sister did join an Easter Bunny competition and bagged 1st prize for being the most colorful bunny. B on the other hand has never participated in any sort of Easter activity so it was such a great surprise when I learned that I actually won tickets to Sofitel's Easter Eggscapade via Philippine Star.

I literally shrieked with delight.

When we got to Sofitel, the event had not started yet so we actually had time to take photos and partake of the small activities prepared by the sponsors. B won a couple of prizes and I was very proud of him. Afterwards, he colored an egg but as to what happened to that egg, I have no idea for it never reached me.

When the egg hunt finally started, B made a dash for it and I was really proud for eventhough the goal was to accumulate as many eggs as they can, B never took an egg from someone's hand; unlike some of the other kids. He was also pretty well behaved and wasn't rude to other kids eventhough the same could not be said of the other children.

B was able to take home about 2 bags worth of groceries, lots of chocolates, and a sword balloon . After the activity, FM and kids picked us up and we went to Robinsons Magnolia to watch The Croods.

I wasn't really into watching it so I was in for a surprise when I ended up LOVING the movie. It was hilarious, funny, and relatable. It was also very heartwarming and one that every family should make time to watch. B loved it, FM's kids loved it, and we loved it.

Before heading home, we ate at Broaster Chicken which boasted of being part of Man vs Food. Unfortunately for Broaster Chicken, I found the taste of their chicken not to my taste and the serving size of their mashed potato utterly ridiculous for Php35. It was so small. I felt robbed to be honest.

Still, it was a great way to spend Easter and though we did not go to church, I feel that we honored Jesus simply by enjoying and maximizing the time given to us by God and ensuring that our kids will have fond memories to remember of this day.

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