Sunday, October 31, 2010

30's rock!

This is a compilation of how my 30th birthday was spent ... so many surprises that made me cry and touched me ... I am so blessed. 30 does ROCK!

The day started out with surprises and ended at Tagaytay, Nuvali. It was a GREAT GREAT GREAT birthday! thank you to my family and friends for making my birthday wonderful!

Here are the gifts I received. In order, from the twins, my Mom, K, L, and Arnie.

1. headset for my iPOD
2. accessories that I have been wanting
3. door surprise and Care Bears CD
4. 30 pieces of roses and 3 care bears
5. Breakfast at Tiffany's snow globe

It's so cool ... they gave me stuff that I wanted and I will surely treasure.

I also got 2 cakes. Yey! I thought for a minute I will not have cake. The cakes are courtesy of the twins and Arnie.

And here are the food that was served.

In order they are, shrimp, pasta, machang, liempo, paella, and steamed lapu lapu.

And here are the people who came over to greet and eat.

And the ones who truly mattered and who are important to me ...

It really was a great birthday!

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