Wednesday, December 23, 2009

realization and the light bulb moment

A few days ago, I learned that my ex was now living in a province with another woman. Yep. He was able to dupe another one. I feel bad for the woman because I know first hand how horrible the ex can be but aside from that, I realized that I have really moved on. I didn't even feel a surge of hatred for him anymore. True, I still would be pretty happy if he dropped dead all of a sudden because then I wouldn't have to process legalities and stuff but its not on my wish list anymore. What I really wish is that he would just stay out of my life and out of B's life for good. Like he doesn't exist ... at all.

And then the light bulb moment came ... I realized that 2009 was not the good year that I wanted it to be simply because I was still harboring negative thougths ... I was still resentful and bitter until about the latter part of the year. With this ... I know now what I must do to get the year that I want and all the positive vibes.

With 2009, I will leave all ill feelings I have for the ex and his family and any negative wishes that I have in mind. I leave him and his family to the fates and karma. I am now truly free from him and I feel happy. After almost 5 years, I have finally shed off any trace of him.

I am free. I choose to be.

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