Tuesday, December 8, 2009

mommy mode

I have been on Mommy mode since December 1. I'm proud to say that save for a few losing of my temper here and there, I have been a pretty good Mom to B. I've been bathing him, reading a book, getting his milk ready, and playing with him. We've also been studying together which is fun most of the time.

With my hopefully new work, I can be flexible enough that I get to have a choice between being there in the morning, or being there at night to tuck him in. I'm going to be a pretty regular Mommy for him. I'm really hoping to land this job with the rate I want.

Amongst everything we do, its the nightly ritual that I like best and the afternoon naps he takes. I bathe him, clothe him, get the milk ready, and while he's drinking his milk, I read him a book. Then he goes to sleep but before that, he would say "good night, I love you, sweet dreams" and give me a sounding smack.

I love it. These are the moments that make everything worth it.
a random shot at MOA (with a LONDON sign ... its a sign for me since the main office of the company I am applying for is in London. Hehe ... I hope it is a GOOD sign.)

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