Thursday, December 3, 2009

clingy, needy, whiny B

Since B got sick at the start of November, he has become clingy, needy, and whiny. Almost every word coming out of his mouth is "Mommyyyyyyyy ...." with matching sniffles. Now, I am kinda flattered that he seems attached to me but it is becoming ridiculous in the sense that he doesn't even want me leaving the house to go to work. He would say "I miss you Mommy. Why are you leaving me?" and I have explained it several times that I need to work because his worthless father does not give us even a single centavo eventhough he has a high paying job.

It was kinda sweet at first but now its just irritating especially since he seems to not want to listen to anyone. It's always Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Now, to some of you, you may be thinking, what is wrong with me for complaining about this? Well ... I am a working Mom. I need to be a working Mom. I HAVE TO WORK.

Due to this, I need to be able to leave my son to my Mom and his Nanny and know that he will be okay. Lately, he refuses to eat and just whines. I don't know what triggered this but I find myself having to force some form of detachment so that he will go back to the way he was before: a healthy, independent, loving kid.

Anyone know what I can do to get that B back?

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