things that bring me comfort

I was reading a new book in the Chicken Soup series when I came across a small box that listed things that comforted the author and it got me writing this post ...

What are the things that comfort me? What are the things that make me smile and make me feel better?
  1. Magick, my dog
  2. my CareBears collection
  3. a hug from J
  4. a kiss from B
  5. scrapbooking
  6. good coffee
  7. a fluffy, furry thing (pen, notebook, what have you)
  8. comments in my blog posts
  9. really comfortable shoes
  10. shopping!!!
  11. cheap, good pizza
  12. blogging!
  13. text messages from people I love
  14. getting a citymug
  15. FLOWERS!!!!
I think I'm too easy to please and too easily comforted but ... I don't care ... I'm happy ...