Thursday, July 23, 2009

pets and a birthday

This is Magick, our siberian spitz ... she is officially 27 years old now. She's a bit old and I feel sad knowing she won't have many dog years left.

This is Macho, our resident male cat. We got him from the street. Lol!

This is Bulilit (small thing.) She was given to us because the previous owners were not feeding her. See the ribs? Heinous huh?
This is Brownies. We have Cookie and Biscuit (our guinea pigs) and now we have Brownies. Lol!
And this is MayAnn's simple birthday celebration. She's the one in red. Happy birthday girl!

I like how we are able to hang out outside the house when it gets too warm. I really like it. =)

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