Sunday, July 5, 2009

dear heart

I told you before to not fall in love. You will just get hurt. You've been hurt many times before, by the men that you have loved and lost, the people you've met and cared for who just walked out without a backward glance, and by the people who matter in your life who will iniadvertently hurt you simply because you love them and have given them the power to hurt you by loving them.

I once read a text that said, "Love is like giving someone a gun, having them aim it at your heart at point blank range, and trusting them to not fire it."

It is that dangerous, it is that fatal, it is that painful.

I told you heart. I told you to be careful. I told you to run for your life. If you had listen to me, maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't be hurting so much; maybe you wouldn't be bleeding and gasping for life.

Do you have any idea heart how hard it is to paste a smile on my face knowing that you've stopped wanting to beat? Do you have any idea how hard it is to focus on other things and other people when I know that all you want is to curl up, sleep, and not wake up?

Why are you in more pain heart? Why does it hurt more than the last? Is it because you've really given your all? Is it because the way you were discarded was so sudden; so callous and cruel? Or maybe, its because the person who hurt you seems so okay while you lay bleeding?

Pick yourself up heart. You need to. There are people who need you, who loves you. So what if that person doesn't care? So what? Stop crying heart. Stop it.

Stop loving. Please. I beg you. Stop it.


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  1. But if you don't let your heart love, how will you know when you met the right one?


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