Friday, June 20, 2008

10 things to do before I die

1) go away for a weekend somewhere quiet ... yung tipong puro nature lang makikita ko .... then drink myself to the point where I would just black out ... 2) go to a foreign country by myself lang ... never been out of the country so its something totally different
3) watch a movie by myself ... never ko pa natry to e
4) compete in a ballroom dancing competition
5) bungee jump
6) get a tattoo
7) get a belly ring
8) dye my hair (never pa ako nagpakulay e, kahit highlights)
9) spend the day with a complete stranger
10) roadtrip
So those ten must be something that I do before I die. Or else, I will come back as a ghost to haunt people. Lol!

What do you want to try?

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