Monday, June 23, 2008

15 Weird Things about Me

1) I still love the Care Bears so whenever someone gives me something that has the Care Bears on it, I literally feel giddy. I love anything kitchy, colorful, and something to do with cartoons or arts.

2) I write better when I'm sad.

3) I can drink 2 cups of coffee then fall asleep after.

4) I have over 800+ books. I can tell you the story of 700+ of them just by looking at the cover.

5) I like learning new information about things and share them with other people, thinking that they'd be interested as well. Unfortunately, they're not.

6) I like hugging and kissing more than sex itself.

7) I buy magazines and browse through them. I don't always get to read the articles unfortunately.

8) I have a mental closet in my mind and when I watch tv shows or movies, I keep stock of the comebacks or insults hurled and use it on unsuspecting people when appropriate. I specifically have a really huge space for Cruel Intentions and recently, Gossip Girl. Move over, queen bee.

9) I pick on other people in my mind. I am a mental bully.

10) I love buying cookbooks and collecting recipes but I no longer am able to try them on.

11) I have really dry skin on my feet. Yuck. I also don't like it when I wear open toed shoes and my feet gets wet. ARGH!

12) I am almost completely hairless. I can be the model for the after shot of a waxing product.

13) My hair looks like its been blowdried to look tousled upon waking up. Naturally and gorgeously disheveled is how my friends describe it. I just wish it looked that way the whole day.

14) I can sit the whole day watching TV marathons.

15) I love to sing when someone else is singing.

What's weird about you?


  1. Nothing weird about me. I'm the most normal being from Krypton you'll eve know.

  2. hi kay,

    first time here.nice blog.i find u very interesting.

    keep blogging!



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