Friday, February 10, 2006

Magnet Mania

Finally, I found something which I haven't found in the craftblog I've been visiting. And this ties up with one of my collections; magnets.

So for those people who want to make a personalized gift for someone but can only handle cutting and gluing stuff together, this one's for you. Credit for the instruction goes to Jane Swanson.

Magnet making:

Obtain a puzzle. This can be as simple as rummaging through your child’s toy closet or buying one at a discount store. Puzzles can vary from sturdy six-piece preschool puzzles to larger floor puzzles. Cardboard or wooden puzzles can be used, but the thick wooden puzzles seem to be most popular as they provide a sturdier base for painting and stamping techniques.

Choose a theme. Themes can range from Baby Pink/Blue, Classic TV, The Letter J, Paris/France, Vintage Victorian, Nautical or whatever topic interests you. Write the theme on the back of each puzzle piece as well as a directional arrow showing the position of the piece in the overall puzzle. Each puzzler/player may have many different puzzle pieces arriving to be altered and it is helpful to have the basic information on the back of each piece explaining the theme and how that piece should face in the final composition.
Alter the puzzle piece. These mini canvases are open to the imagination. Paints or colorful patterned paper, 3D elements such as charms or buttons, or stamps and ink can be used to create an artistic masterpiece.
Assemble the final puzzle. Once the piece is altered it is sent back to the original owner who then has a completed altered puzzle that mysteriously harmonizes with these individual components.

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