Wednesday, February 8, 2006

lots and lots of ideas

So much stuff I see on the net ... thanks to angry chicken who doesn't even know I'm alive ... I sure wish I was near them so they'd send me stuff as well via post and I can send them stuff as well ... they have the cutest things on their blog ... really .... her friends and the blogs she follows are so cool ... I've made it a point to visit them when I can ...

So here are some stuff that I want to have ... *any carpenters out there who wanna make this for a few measly pesos?*

See the bag holder on the side? The left side? Yep, I want one of those ... sigh ... so many things that I want ... wish I could make it myself but I'd most likely bang my thumb into pieces if I try to do it.

And I love the shelves here ... reminds me of my bookshelf but I'm thinking of putting in papers and stickers and trinket stuff in them shelves ... for my scrapbooks and cross stitch patterns.

Someone send me some nice patterns ... please ... I beg you ...

Erm, these pictures are from Posie bdw.

Don't you just love the box? The shelves? It's so cute ... either she actually layed out those things for the photo shoot or she's one heck of a designer ... still, I'm in love.

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