Friday, February 10, 2006

list of ideas

Okay .. .before everything goes to oblivion (I have short memory) I need to list everything that I've seen so far from blogs and sites that I visit that I know I will one day do as well ...

1) chime made of teacups
2) capiz shells as wall decor
3) card with a stiletto in front and some beads with the person's name
4) an inspiration wall
5) a mini shelf thing for my sister with lil trinkets in it to serve as a wall decor .. .but it will most likely have really girly stuff since my sister is into that ... (note to self: must go to flea markets and garage sale for unique stuff)
6) a card stand like the one posted below ... so dang pretty ...

7) a table like this but with different stuff in it instead of marbles ... I'm sure it would be so cool and can even be an icebreaker for converstaions

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