Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Transforming Kid’s Lives: Basics and Organic’s Mission to Lifestyle Revolution

Johann Patrick Castillo is a co-founder and incorporator of Basics and Organic. He began his journey of consuming organic products due to his own health concerns along with his 2 children, especially his first born is diagnosed with autism.

Johann Patrick Castillo began doing his research on how to handle a child with special needs. He found out that if a special child consumes all-natural or organic food ingredients hyperactive behavior eventually changes. He discovered that if his child consumes conventional food ingredients his son becomes too active and irritated. However, when he started shifting to organic or all-natural cooked food his son changed his behavior. 

Since then, Johann Patrick Castillo with best efforts searched for authentic organic products. However, the difficulty began since most ingredients are not readily available and majority are commercially manufactured. 

Johann Patrick Castillo began his journey from place-to-place same reason why he directed himself to co-create and conceptualize Basics and Organic.

Johann Patrick Castillo desired not to only limit his family's needs but also to reach other families similar to his son's special needs co-creating products through Basics and Organic. 

Johann Patrick Castillo hoped that in the future he too can be able to help other families with special needs and bring Basics and Organic products to their tables. 

Johann Patrick Castillo is currently the ICT Director of Basics and Organic. He Graduated with a degree in Computer Science majoring in Information Technology at Far Eastern University Manila City. He worked overseas for the past 15 years returned to Manila and worked full-time to co-create food ingredients that cater to the needs of special children. 

Johann Patrick Castillo envisioned reaching more families and encouraging people to TRANSFORM THEIR CHILDREN'S LIFESTYLE. He also wanted to encourage more families to shift from conventional to organic or all-natural food products. 

Johan Patrick Castillo specifically wanted to touch each and every Filipino's heart and soul which he found beneficial to other children with special needs through Basics and Organic.  

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