Thursday, September 14, 2023

Basics and Organic: Transforming Lives, and Pioneering Change through Jenny Rose Pascua’s Vision for a Better Tomorrow

Jenny Rose Pascua at the early age of 22 began consuming all-natural and organic food products in 2020. Jenny Rose Pascua began changing her lifestyle after she realized that consuming guaranteed all-natural or organic food ingredients would make her enjoy a life free from disease that caused few of her friends' lives due to consuming conventional food since birth. 

Jenny Rose Pascua began her research on food ingredients high in additives as preservatives can create more diseases due to their high chemical content.  Jenny Rose Pascua interviewed different people in the medical field and they can attest to the fact that commercial food products impact people's mental and physical health. 

Jenny Rose Pascua also made her way to gather facts through different local farmers that attest to the same impact on people's health, especially those farms that produce high-on chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. Our local farmers expounded facts about fresh produce high in chemical spray to retain its freshness is described as shiny or smooth in texture and lasts for 2-3 weeks. 

Jenny Rose Pascua later began realizing the importance of consuming all-natural and/or organic produce -it is of high importance to keep our well-being in an excellent state, thereby making each person's life at peace, healthiest in its true sense and more so happiest at its core- physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Defining the true sense of being human in this chaotic world where most people choose to be consumed by negative energies which are the main cause of ill feelings towards each other.  Through her in-depth research, Jenny Rose Pascua began her desire to reach more people by taking part in expanding Basics and Organic's core values, advocacies, mission, and vision. 

Jenny Rose Pascua demonstrated her strength in sales and marketing by making a one-of-a-kind business presentation each day to each person - touching their hearts by encouraging ordinary people to take part in Basics and Organic Dormant Partnership or Money Leasing Program or Franchise Program or even through our Product Subscription Program. 

Through Basics and Organic's Program ordinary people can uniquely participate in our advocacy to take part in TRANFORMING OUR EACH AND EVERY LOCAL FARMERS' LIVES from one generation to the other. 

Jenny Rose Pascua's burning desire to create a better tomorrow for a better Philippines began when she graduated Cum Laude from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Jenny Rose Pascua vowed to contribute to better her family's lives after graduating from college. She worked her way from the traditional corporate ladder to becoming a Shareholder and an Incorporator through Basics and Organic Co. Incorporated. 

Jenny Rose Pascua believed that even at an early age she knew that being unique in each and every way can contribute to a better society in general. She believes that if one desires to make a difference, one has to cultivate weakness to strength - recognizing that if one desires to be EXCELLENT one has to TRANSFORM THEIR LIFESTYLE.  

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