Thursday, July 6, 2023

Review of Pizza Telefono in Las Pinas

I have seen the green lights against the black backdrop advertising to the public its existence. Pizza Telefono stands out in a sea of neon lights and the fact that it is open 24 hours is what drew us to it the most. 

However, it did take us a few months to actually give it a try but finally, we did. 

The place is pretty spacious. The seats are are not cramped and spaced evenly. I loved it about this place however, the one thing that I hated were the flies. 

One or two would have been tolerable but there was just a lot and the staff didn't really care for it anymore. It was something that they seemed used to but this is a food place so it shouldn't be that way. 

I think it's because the place is actually situated near a garbage dump site. They need to do something about it though. It's discouraging to dine in. 

This is their menu. 

This is their specials. I decided to go with Meal C because I wanted to be able to try everything as much as possible. 

The pasta was good. In fact, my little one ate almost half of it and the other half went to my first born. I barely had a bite but I had about 4 pieces or so which gave me a fair idea that it was good. 

This margherita pizza is one of their best sellers. For me, it was okay but nothing spectacular. I'd like to try their other pizza's when I order for delivery. Yes, delivery. I don't see myself dining in again because of the flies. 

The Creamy Spinach Pot Pie was the best seller of the night. Everyone loved it, from my Mom, sister, husband, and son. It was hands down the best thing on their menu. 

The Asian spring roll was supposed to have bagoong inside it but I barely tasted the bagoong. This was pretty okay. Again, nothing amazing but okay. 

This breakfast waffle was a little disappointing for me. The sausage was really good but the waffle itself was a little bit dry. I wish it was creamier. I felt like it lacked a bit of milk and butter. 

Overall, the experience wasn't horrible but it wasn't as ideal as I would have liked. We'd definitely order food from Pizza Telefono but I wouldn't eat at this branch because of the flies. 

Thankfully, my family and I still had a great time so I'd say that perhaps if they clean up their fly problem, I'd recommend trying them out. 

Pizza Telefono is located along Alabang Zapote road, near Times. 

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