Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Review of Greyhound Cafe

I have always been curious about this place ever since I first saw it. Thankfully, I got to try eating at this place at no cost because it was the venue we had for an event. Talk about luck! 

First of all, I love the interior of the place. The vibe is very chic and relaxing. It gives off a cozy feel as well; as if you're just stepping inside the home of a friend who happens to be really good with interior design. 

This salad was really good. Surprisingly so. It had baked pumpkin, taro chips, pomelo, and leafy greens. I didn't use the dressing it came with because I really prefer my salad as it is. I wanted to finish this all by myself but I couldn't since I had to share it with my co-media. 

The next time I go back here though, I will definitely order this.    

These chicken wings were fried to perfection if there ever was such a thing but the funny thing is, there was barely any oil so I feel like this was air fried which was probably why it tasted way better than regular fried chicken. 

The only thing I didn't like about it was that it was small. There were a lot of it but I wish that the pieces were bigger so you can really take a bite out of it. 

This was the one thing that I didn't know what to feel about. The beef was okay but the pesto was just an overload. Overkill. Too much. It was like the chef just had a bout and splattered as much as he can in one go per piece. 

I don't understand the thought process that went through for this dish but I wish that he just placed a small amount on top of each. This is just my opinion. 

This tom yum was a revelation. The raw egg in the middle made such a huge difference. It was creamy, tasty, and definitely, something that you need to order when you go to Greyhound Cafe. 

However, this add-on that I ordered was definitely the best thing that we tried. The veggies were so crispy and fresh, the meat cooked just right and the sauce, perfect. It was like eating something super fresh and good for you but at the same time, it tasted so good that you can't believe that it was actually good for your body. 

These are my co-media, all three of them with newspapers and I am the only one who is a blogger. I'm glad I got to sit with them because they were truly a fun bunch and they supported my voracious appetite. Hahaha. 

I'd definitely bring my husband to this place. I think he will enjoy some of the food that I had. 

Greyhound Cafe has branches all over the metro. This one was located in Mall of Asia near the North side of the mall. 

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