Monday, November 15, 2021

Gratitude # 19

Last week was a good week. Whew. I'm so happy to be able to say that again because back in October, I had bad weeks where I just felt down and sad for no good reason.

Last week, I reviewed a few things. I am so happy to discover new dishes such as the Purefoods Chicken Tapa which was so good and easy to make! 

I also love the Fun Chow from UFC. Who knew that cooking delicious fried rice could be this tasty? Seriously. I had to stop myself from consuming all the packets that came in.

Now this one was a revelation. I didn't know that it was even possible to add stuff to leche flan. What's Your Flan, located in West Bicutan, surprised me with these creations. The puto bumbong and the classic leche flan stole my heart. 


I also liked this peppermint cinnamon rolls from Castle and Cook. I wished that the cinnamon roll was a bit softer but aside from that, it was great. 

I am very happy that my son had his first dose of the Pfizer vaccination. One less thing to worry about for a Mom like me. He had a headache but after sleeping it off, he was okay. I'm excited for his second dose. 

I was also able to spend time with my family so those were happy times. 

My husband and I also celebrated our 47th month together. I know it's cheesy but we don't always do it month on month, however, this time, we ate out and had a small feast and enjoyed each other's company without the kids. 

I was also able to fit into a pair of jeans for the first time since I got pregnant. I still have a lot to lose in terms of body fat but this was such an achievement.

Leaving this here because I looked pretty hahahaha. 

How was your week?  


  1. My week is a bit tiring but still okay.
    The leche flan looks really delicious, it's mouthwatering!

  2. This is so beautiful and yes you summed it up perfectly! It is all about being grateful for all the blessings we have.

  3. you definitely look pretty in each photo! I am so happy for you fitting in these jeans, it must have felt great! I know you will look just as you want to because you can do anything. The food looks great and your gratitude is wonderful, you made me smile.

  4. So happy that you are so happy right now!! Keep up the great work, lady!

  5. So happy you have so much happiness. Sometimes it's the little things that really make life.

  6. What a wonderful time to soend with famly. I just spent the previous weekend with friends.

  7. Spending quality time with family is the best feeling ever.

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful week and it great to be grateful for plenty of things no matter big or small.


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