Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Full of Surprises at 41 (Gratitude # 18)

The last two weeks have been pretty amazing! It was my birthday week and what a birthday it was.

I celebrated my 41st birthday and it was a day full of surprises. I had greetings from people that I never expected to greet me and that was so much fun. However, my day truly started with a surprise breakfast treat from my husband then went on to a surprise treat for lunch from one of my brothers to a surprise spa date from my other brother, and then a surprise dinner and coffee treat from my sister-in-law. 

We were allowed to dine inside because we were all fully vaccinated. I think that this will be the new norm now and those who don't want to be vaccinated will have to dine al fresco.

Afterward, I came home to a surprise dim sum from my older sister and treats from my Godmother as well as brands. Ack!

A few days later, another PR group sent me a cake. 

I also received some really, really good cinnamon rolls from another PR and some fitness aids from another really good friend of mine who shall not be named.

I've had Kleen Kanteen before but it never stays with me. It always ends up with a family member and so this one has purple unicorns and will finally be mine and mine alone. 

The watch, on the other hand, has already ended up with the husband. 

I also received a lot of brand love. I am always thankful for these because though they make me clean up my attic on a weekly basis, it just means that there is an outpouring of products in my home. 

I can't wait to try this Strawberry scented shampoo. I'm a strawberry fan so this is very, very exciting. 

This is the best SALMON SUSHI CAKE in the metro. Seriously. BEST! FRESH. YUMMY. Ugh. Soooo good. You should order from them guys. For real. Salmon HQ

Thank you to my VIU, Gcash, Royce Hotel Subic, FINO Leatherwear, and Repertory Family for these goodies. 

Lastly, it is these notes that make me feel really grateful. 

What a truly wonderful two weeks. I am grateful. 

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