Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Find out how AWS helped Edamama become the leading Mother and Child Platform in the Philippines

Since the pandemic started, the direction for businesses to strengthen their e-commerce platform has gotten to an all-time high. Those who refused saw a decrease in their sales as opposed to their competitors who have learned to pivot and adapt. 

This is the case with Edamama. Already a leading Mother and Child platform, Edamama has been able to maintain its hold on being number one by using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Officially launched last May 2020, Edamama has been able to support almost 20,000 orders made on their website with the help of AWS.

Edamama is a Philippine-based e-commerce platform designed for mothers. They have curated products and content aimed to help mothers make the best decisions for their children. They offer a wide range of products of essentials and activities for moms, babies, kids, and the household. They also have a strong community of Mommy influencers, ready to guide and give guidance on what purchases are needed for every stage of a baby's life.

Edamama was established amidst the pandemic by the husband-wife duo of Nishant and Bela Gupta D’Souza, who saw the pain points of mothers as consumers when purchasing online. I, myself, experienced this when I couldn't buy clothes for my newborn last year because department stores were closed for months. 

The partnership with AWS will help Edamama address the issue of quality, as well as the other challenges common among today’s e-commerce platforms — such as channel fragmentation, non-established brand trust, the lack of a discovery-led buying experience, and poor customer service.

What's great about Edamama is that they have a website that is designed for mothers to “get easy online access to quality products and services while ensuring the lowest prices through a system that simplifies purchasing experience.”  This matters because Moms don't really have a lot of time to spare navigating through a user interface that's complicated.

This is great news because the Philippines is among the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Southeast Asia. Filipinos were forced to be more creative when it comes to getting their desired goods into their front doors which has led to online shopping and food delivery becoming one of the most thought of solutions for many. 

AWS has allowed Edamama to scale the technological infrastructure easily. With the team scaling from 3- 20 team members in a span of 8 months--the infrastructure was able to catch up easily. Edamama was able to use AWS CDK to streamline development operations. During this time, their user base also increased from 100 concurrent users to 500 concurrent users, with the help of AWS, they were able to scale easily by using the scalable serverless architecture that is offered on the platform. 

With a partnership like this between Edamama and AWS, we can only expect bigger and better things from the country's leading Mother and Child platform. As a mom myself, I can't help but feel excited and I look forward to being able to buy quality items for my baby and know that what I am purchasing online will be just as good, if not better, than something that I would personally buy from a boutique face to face. 

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