Monday, October 18, 2021

Gratitude # 17

I finally realized what was wrong with me, why for the past few weeks, I have been sleeping more, doing less, snapping way more, and just being down and about. 

I was feeling depressed. I felt so relieved when I finally realized what was happening because now, I could actually address what was happening and find a solution. 

I tried reaching out to my husband and after a few bumps, he finally understood what I needed from him. He got me out of the house for a good 6 hours. I had a mani-pedi and foot spa. We also had a really nice date at a Japanese restaurant where the Teppanyaki chef performed for us while cooking. It was truly an amazing experience. You can click on that link to see it on Tiktok.

I also received two birthday gifts even though my birthday is still at the end of the month. The funny thing is they are from people that I have never ever met in real life. I just know them from my diamond painting community.

There was even a little note that was really touching. 

I also received another amazing gift from Catha and she is just so amazing. Everyone, meet Winter, my dream cat. I am so over the moon with happiness because of Winter. 

I'm also grateful to brands who remembered me and sent a little something-something my way. 

These mooncakes were sooo good! I actually ended up eating one entire mooncake by myself. 

Y.O.U. also sent over some foundation for me to try on so I am truly excited about this one. Like, over the moon excited. 

I also received some stuff from Colourette which I will be sharing on my Tiktok account. I'm pretty excited to review these babies as well. 

The grazing box and care package from Discovery Plus was a definite welcome surprise! I'm excited to try out this app and discover new shows. I also love the really soft blanket they gave me and I'm looking forward to trying out the headphones!

This care package from NU Skin Ecosphere was also another welcome surprise. I've come to a place where I love receiving disinfectants and alcohol. Crazy times huh? The grazing box from Edible Box was also one of the best grazing box I have received in a while.

I'm also pretty happy that I had photoshoots with both of my kids. 

I had fun with both shoots though the husband and I really need to learn how to handle stress more properly during photoshoots. 

Lastly, I discovered  3 things related to food last week. This 3-in-1 Creamy Caramelo which I have fallen in love with is just so good. Good enough that I can drink at least 4 of these but I am doing my best not to drink 4 sachets in one go. 

I also learned how to make this egg toast using an air fryer. Tryst me when I say that I am super excited about this. My first attempt lacked salt so the second one, I made sure that it'll be filled with enough salt. I also added some Nori and garlic chips to add flavor.

Since my brother wasn't home, I had to make this mango bingsu all by myself and I was ecstatic because it turned out well. In fact, this photo has already been approved for posting and I am just over the moon. 

What are you looking forward to this week? 


  1. It sounds like you were able to find some real gratitude this week, I love it! Your kitty is SO PRETTY!

  2. Wow, that grazing box looks so good. I love fresh fruits

  3. Happy, happy birthday! I hope your day is wonderful and I am glad to hear you are pulling out of your "funk" and happy again! A day or night our with my hubby always makes my day brighter too!

  4. Gratitude is always much needed. expressing it is a key to a better life for me


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