Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bondi and Bourke: perfect for Meatatarians

My twin brothers are certified meatatarians. This is what they call themselves because where vegetarians love veggies, they love their meat with equal ardor. This is why Bondi and Bourke in BGC is the perfect spot for them because the roasted prime rib-eye here will definitely fill their tummies to the brim. Bondi&Bourke is an oasis where guests can enjoy a quintessential Modern Australian, all-day experience, headed by award-winning chef, Wade Watson.

We started with the Warm Mushroom Salad which was filled with microgreens. When I initially saw it, I was hesitant because I saw a lot of greens and I wasn't really a big fan of salad but I actually took a second heaping of this. The mushroom was complemented by the many microgreens that you see in the photo. It wasn't icky to eat. It was really appetizing.

They also served some canapes which in itself was filling. The sausage rolls and the mini pie was really good. The mini pie was my favorite because once you cut into it, smoke comes out and the smell of the beef inside fills the air. If I wasn't aware that I had to make space for the steak that was coming, I would have eaten a lot of these.

The foie gras was my favorite and also the favorite of my brother. It was only recently that I started to fall in love with foie gras but I fell hard. These 3 you see in the photo? I ate all of it by myself.

The prawn cocktail was good but I really have a slight aversion to cold shrimp. It's not this dish. It's me. Really.

Before the main star was served, we had the Lebanese Chicken Skewers with Yogurt Sauce on a bed of tomato and cucumber salsa which was wonderfully refreshing and really tasty. It may look simple but trust me when I say that I had 2 skewers of this and I wanted more.

Now, we give you the Roasted Prime Rib-Eye. I'm not a fan of steak but I actually had 2 slices of this and I have to say that even I admired the pinkness of the meat. It just looked absolutely perfect and it melted in your mouth. I thought I would have to chew hard but no, it just melts in your mouth.

Now to wash down all the calories we had, we tried out their smoothies. My brother had the cranberry which I had a sip of and felt my body instantly recoil from. Apparently, it was too healthy for me so I had the mango-blueberry smoothie which was quite sweet.

I also ordered the Cafe Latte and this was really good. If I wasn't experiencing some acidity issue, I would have gotten 5 cups minimum.

We ended our lunch with the Sticky Toffee Pudding and this was where we were a little confused. Perhaps because it was cooked one after the other, one ended up a little dry and the other was perfect. Thankfully, I got the perfect version haha. This wasn't too sweet and I finished once piece all by myself.

My brother, Chef Kirk and I, also had champagne. It's amazing that my tummy didn't go bad from trying out so many different drinks.

Thank you so much Chef Wade Watson for hosting this wonderful lunch. It was truly gastronomic.

Bondi and Bourke

Now I'm not yet done! I would like to give back some of the love and so we're doing our first giveaway this year! Yes, you read that right. Up for grabs is 2 Php1,000 GC to Bondi and Bourke in BGC. There will be two winners of Php1,000 each.

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  1. Look at all that good food. That rib-eye is looking mighty tasty!

  2. My mouth watered looking at those disehes! Every single picture is perfect

  3. Oh my God! Everything in these pictures look absolutely delicious. I have to go to that place.

  4. Oh, these look so yummy. I am so tempted to go to the place. I like those shrimps in glasses.

  5. These are all so good! I'm a huge fan of meat myself so this restaurant is a must try for me. The steak looks perfect and I'm sure every single dish was delightful just like you described them.

  6. The food looks amazing! It would be nice to give this restaurant a try! I also love meat and steak will always be one of my favorites. The steak here looks really good, can't help but feel hungry!

  7. I've never heard of the phrase Meatatarian before, but I think I might be one. Love my meat and love the meals you got to try.

  8. Goodness, I can't imagine trying all that. FYI: When you hit 50 your stomach shrinks. Eat up now. Ha! I could make a meal on the salad. It looks delicious. Dessert looks good, too.

  9. Everything in the pictures looks delicious. You have left me hungry, time to go eat some lunch. Looks like a great place to go to.

  10. Sounds like a delicious menu to experience. So much to try.

  11. Sounds ( and looks like) a wonderful place. Yummy. Wish it were close to me.

  12. All of that food looks amazing! I have to go there sometime. The latte looks great! I love when they add detail on top.

  13. Wow, everything looks delicious. I would love to give this restaurant a try.

  14. That steak and latte are my perfect meal! Sign me up!

  15. Wow! I am so amaze to all their food, Looks like I wanna try

  16. This looks to be succh a lovely place to dine. I would eat your cold shrimp :) The steaks look amazing too.

  17. Everything looks delicious! I'm drooling!

  18. Wow! This made me hungry! Thanks for sharing! :D

    btw, I joined your contest as well. Hope to win :)

    FB: Karen Alejano Acut
    Twitter & IG: @karenacut

  19. mmmmm this is absolutely just what i need right now. looks so amazingly prepared and delicious. mouth watering to read all this


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