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Ampalaya Monologues

Ampalaya Monologues has finally come back to its roots here in Las Pinas after much clamor from the people of the South and they couldn’t have chosen a better venue than Mystic Bew CafĂ© located at 511 Capitoline Hills, BFRV. The mystic themed coffee shop owned by Tristan Jovellana played host to the Amapalaya Monologues show aptly titled “How July Live Without You” which is a word play on the national anthem of heartbroken people “How Do I Live Without You.”


Mark Ghosn, the creator of Ampalaya Monologues has written some of his piece here at Mystic Brew which makes this performance even more special. He lives in Las Pinas and today, he comes back to his roots and performs his masterpiece along with the members of Theater in Alternative Platform.

Ampalaya Monologues had two shows scheduled on July 16, one at 4pm and one at 7pm. The 4pm show started a few minutes late because of the influx of people that came in. The duo UNWIND (Paolo and Louie) started the show with a heart wrenching performance of Kahit Kailan, followed by Sam Smith’s Stay with Me, Stigmatized, and another Sam Smith song Lay By Your Side. Anyone who has gone through heartbreak will definitely feel every tug at the heart and say, “TAMA NA! ANG SAKIT NA E!”

UNWIND ended their set with an upbeat song “Shut Up and Dance.” We feel that it’s to give a little bit of happiness to the people in the crowd because once the monologues start, its going to be one cryfest after another.

Leah Garcia from Las Pinas Art Community was the first performer for the spoken word poetry part. Instead of the usual bitter piece, Leah performed a piece meant for those who have finally chosen to move on. “Para sa Aking Susunod na Mamahalin.” Patawad, pakiusap, at pangako (Forgiveness, hope, and promise.) The piece tackles about lessons learned from a previous relationship, things to expect when one gets into a new relationship, and a yearning for better things. This piece was made more special when Leah took a guy from the audience and had him participate much to his shock. It made the piece a lot more relatable which is what makes these kind of shows worth watching.

“Ang Huling Tagay na Ilalaklak ko Para Sayo” was performed by Yan-yan Gervero. This is a piece that anyone who has been cheated on can relate to. It talks about the doubts that one doesn’t want to face, the little things that tell you of what is really happening but you refuse to face because you just can’t accept the truth, and the many betrayals that you feel simply because you trust. You trust because you love and you were betrayed because you loved.

Aanhin mo naman ang tiwala kung ang lahat ng hinala mo naman ay tama.

Para naman akong sick leave, ginagamit mo lang pag tamad.

Busog na busog na nga ako kakalamon dito sa pride ko.

Ako ba ang nagkulang o sadyang di ka lang makuntento?

Bakit kung kelan ako nagseryoso saka ako napunta sa katulad mo?

“There’s a Basha in all of Us” was the next piece meant for everyone who was replaced by their best friend. This was performed by Mariko Urimoto. It started with “I’ll Never Go” of Nexus. Mariko performed this while eating ice cream which was very realistic because every single woman has eaten ice cream while nurturing a broken heart. This piece will touch the heart of anyone who has wanted a second chance even where there wasn’t one anyone. This piece will break the heart of anyone who wanted to say “Sana ako na lang. Sana ako na lang ulit.” It is more than apt because this is something that people go through, feel, and survived.

Ampalaya, minsan gulay, madalas ikaw.

Ahas, minsan nasa gubat, minsan ikaw.

Hindi pa sya grumagraduate, wala na syang class.

Hindi naman ako chocolate na kahit ilang beses mo durugin e sweet pa rin.

Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.

3rd piece was titled “Akin ka na lang please” meant for anyone who has been bestfriendzoned. Performed by Yves Gutierrez, this was the lightest piece amongst the three. We know it’s painful to be bestfriendzoned but the attack on the performance made it feel light instead of painful.

Magreply nga hindi nya magawa, mahalin ka pa kaya?

May pacouple-couple watch pa kayo e wala naman pala syang time sayo.

“Violet ang color ng Pag-ibig” is meant for those who are martyr’s when it comes to love. This piece was performed by Berna Manipon and tackles the dark side of love. This is the personification of too much love will kill you. This is about love that suffocates, is jealous, controls, and hurts you not just physically but emotionally, verbally, and mentally. This is about abusive love and the people who keep giving chances when there shouldn’t be one.

Ako ang lalaki dito kaya ako ang masusunod.

Minsan ang sorry parang pera, tinatanggap mo na lang kasi hindi mo alam kung fake na.

Nagagawa nya lang naman yun kasi mahal nya ako diba? Diba?

Walang sakitan na nangyari pero gutay gutay na ang pagkatao ko. Walang sugat, walang pasa, pero bugbog na bugbog na ang pagkatao ko.

Sabi nila masakit daw pag hindi ka mahal ng mahal mo, pero mas masakit pala, pag sobra sobra ka nyang mahal.

Ang sakit ay bahagi ng pag-ibig ngunit ang pag-ibig ay hindi palaging bahagi ng sakit.

“Hindi pwedeng hindi na” is a piece performed by Dave Ramones, this piece is for people who can’t accept when a relationship is over. This is for those who woke up one day and their partner just wanted out. This is for those who had to play for keeps to fit the image that their partners had of them. This is for anyone who had to change interest and be a totally different person just to keep someone. This is for those who had to be someone else just to be loved.

Hindi ako pinalaki ng maayos ng magulang ko para maging guinea pig mo.

“Hanggang Throwback na Lang” for those who can’t forget and was performed by Hogi Cadlum. This is for those who have been used as a beard by people who are still inside the closet and can’t seem to go out. This is for those who have lead themselves to believe that there was something when there was absolutely nothing. This is for those who gave meaning when everything was meaningless. This is for anyone who had to find out the truth and in turn had themselves broken.

Sana totoong paminta na lang na magstart ka mahaching pag nagkastart ka na magkafeelings.

Ikaw na gusto ko pero pareho pala tayo ng gusto.

“Ikaw si Distance at Ako” was the next piece to be presented. This was performed by Euwie Von Loria and is for anyone who is in a long distance relationship. It talks about what people who are in a long distance love go through: Skype dates, Viber calls, and meeting each other online while fighting through caps lock and what not. It talks of hope.

Ano ba talaga? Absence makes the heart grow fonder or out of sight, out of mind.

Ayaw na kita mamiss, gusto na kita ikiss.

Bakit sa lahat ng taong umiibig, tayo pa ang pinaglayo ang daigdig?

Grasya Paterno performed “Mga Bulong sa Hangin.” What happens when the one you love leaves this world? What happens when your story comes to an abrupt end? What happens then? What happens now? What happens to the person who was left behind, the one still wishing for one more kiss, one more touch, one more hug? What now? This is the most touching piece by far because anyone who has lost someone knows exactly what it feels. It is the fact that you can never have one more moment with someone that makes the pain unbearable.

Lord ingatan nyo po yan dyan ha. Mahal ko yan e.

“Hanash ng Soloista” is for anyone who is single and was perfectly performed with panache by Janine Leose. This is meant for anyone single who is also the go-to person of those who are constantly in and out of relationships. This is for the eternal best friend, the one who is single but dishes out love advise all the time, and the one who is perpetually in a relationship with food and TV. This is a piece that speaks of what the best friend wants to say but can’t because the other friend is too busy lamenting about her lovelife.

Ako ang best friend mo, ang best friend nya, ang best friend ng lahat.

Mas importante and matinong internet kesa sa matinong lovelife.

Feeling ko kaya wala akong lovelife kakarescue dyan sa heart emergency mo.

Hinulog ko na yung kutsara, tinidor, pati chopsticks nilaglag ko na pero wala pa ring lalaking dumarating.

Being single doesn’t mean you know nothing about love.

May sarili rin akong kwento, pang indie nga lang ang peg, kasi ako lang ang bida.

“Sa Pagitan ng Tayo Ba at Hindi Na” was performed by Rain Gutierrez. This is for the meantime girls and meantime boys. This is for those who are not really in a relationship but are more than friends, the guys and girls that you go to because you are bored, because you have nothing else to do, and the ones you leave behind when you find someone new but go back to when it doesn’t work out. This is for the Tinkerbell of your life that you play with when you’re bored to amuse you because Wendy isn’t there yet.

Nasan ka na kaya? Iniisip mo rin ba ako? Sino kayang pinapaasa mo ngayon?

Mabuti pa yung biglang lakad natin natuloy pero yung biglang something natin hindi.

The last piece of the show was performed by Mark Ghosn Panata ng Pusong Bagong Laya. This is for the people who are slowly moving on from a heartbreak, for people who went through hell and back to heal what was broken, find what was lost, and get back themselves from the love that destroyed them.

This is the realization, the part where you realize that every tear and heartache was meant to make them stronger not bitter. This is for those who are able to listen to a song, see a movie, go back to a place, and relive memories without any pain.

Hindi ko na paliliitin ang mundo ko na minsan kong pinaikot sayo.

Nangangako ako na hindi na ako susuko na darating din ang taong tadhana ko.

Akoy mananatiling matamis, hindi na magmamaasim.

Nangangako ako na simula sa araw na to, burado ka na sa buhay ko.

At the end of the show, they played Tuloy Pa Rin which is the national anthem of anyone and everyone who has moved on, wants to move on, and is finally moving on. As they say, love ends but life goes on.

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