Friday, September 18, 2015

Doc Paolo and his Private Practice

Doc Pao is not your typical, everyday doctor. He is in private practice but he devotes a lot of his time in helping out those that have been deemed by people as hopeless, he went into private practice for the reason that he felt this was how he can save more lives and serve more people.

He focuses on urban planning because here, he can do widespread saving. He is able to do one on one or family consultation which enables him to educate people regarding genetically pre-disposed diseases such as heart disease, stroke, aneurysm and the like.

Doc Pao believes that if people are more aware of what food to avoid, eat more, and what exercises is needed to be maintained, then it can help lengthen the life of people. One good thing about Doc Pao is that he is not in it for the money, but for the welfare of the Filipino people.

Doc Pao’s main goal is to review the diseases that have mortalities that grow year on year especially cardiovascular diseases, He believes that the primary goal is to give helping hand and do acts that will make sure life becomes better for the people.

Doc Pao treats people who are for bypass surgery, dialysis, or gall bladder removal, he also treats those suffering from arteriosclerosis and athero sclerosis, arthritis, and diabetes. Thankfully, he’s never had a patient passed away on him though it doesn’t make losing patients less painful. Doc Pao always wants to ensure that they are rescued but unfortunately, circumstances prevent it from happening, especially when they catch complications that shorten their life.

In the industry that Doc Pao is in, service is not enough. Everything that is being done, everything needs to be done with love and charity. As a last message, Doc Pao would like to tell future doctors that he hopes they will choose fields that will help prevent diseases at the onset and treat people without causing them further harm. The goal should be to lengthen the lives of people and make sure it is of quality rather than aiming for financial highs.

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