Sunday, August 22, 2010

we are a family of artists

I was in the car earlier today when it suddenly hit me ... I come from a family of artists. We may not be celebrities nor famous for what we do but everyone in my family is an artist in one way or another.

My Mom is our interior decorator. She is always nagging us to keep the house in order and she keeps busy making the house look presentable, neat, and clean. She's OC at times but she does accomplish the look she is going for.

My Dad is the graphic designer. Our business is Silkscreen Printing but we at times provide the clients with options on designs and my Dad makes sure that all designs are of good taste and sellable. He has managed to get us all through school with this art of his.

I am a writer, or at least I would like to think I am. I am also the avid scrapbooker in the family, keeping tabs of what is happening and the memories being created. Note to self: I should start scrapbooking again.

My brother Karl is the programmer which is an art in itself. Its an abstract in my opinion for only the creator truly understands what he is doing. The other twin, Kirk, is a chef and is the great artist in the kitchen.

My lil sister, K, is a wannabe artist ... she dances, recites poetry, sings off key and is still trying to truly find her inner diva. I do know she will find her self one day.

My son ... is a belter. He sings on key and easily memorizes song lyrics. I know that one day, he will be a songbird. I plan to support him in his endeavor.

So there you go ... it seems I really do come from a family of artists. And for now, this star is off to make my brain bleed and do some content writing. LOL.

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