Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fish Out of Water

our small but super happy group

Last July 31, I met with a couple of Fil-Chi friends (I shall call them friends now since I consider them that.) We had dinner at Fish Out of Water and it was crazy. We tried really weird food but we enjoyed them. Conversation wasn't awkward and it felt like we've known each other a very long time. I love it. 

We had the danggit salad ... its worth trying but I won't be loving it anytime soon. It was weird and salty. Ick. 

The Ostrich Salpicao was pretty good. The meat was tasty and chewy. It wasn't soft but it was actually pretty good.  

The winner of the night was the Kare Kare Pot Roast! The potato was so good, the the kare kare was soft, and the overall taste was just a kicker.  

You know how it is when a certain group of people who meet online form a bond but rarely is able to take it to real life? That did not happen to us. It was the exact opposite. Love it!

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