my precious bauble in a pile of stone

with our sons
with Ian, the crazy but sensible one
grilled food!!!

the kids fooling around

They say that sometimes, in a pile of worthless stone, there is one piece of bauble that would be so shiny that it would make going through all the dirt worth it. I am glad that i went through that pile of stone in my current workplace and have found Laine. She is my one bauble in a pile of stones.

She's far away now and it will be a while before I see her again. I feel sad but happy. Sad because I no longer have her nearby to share daily anecdotes with but happy because she finally got what she wanted. I do look forward to seeing her again soon ... and most likely bashing heads with her because we need to get her wedding done asap. LOL.

Take care friend ... and don't forget, no matter what ... you cannot go back here without my citymugS. LOL.

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  1. hahahaah!i was almost teary-eyed while reading this..but had a laugh towards the not sure how you'll feel about this but for now, we have to put the wedding know how excited i am about it so im sure you know that i have a VERY valid reason why it has to be postponed *sigh* .. i super duper truly miss glad i found a gem amidst the mud in that place..mud talaga?hahahaha!

  2. hahahahaha! I do mean every single word ... especially the last part! I miss you too girl ...


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