Sunday, April 11, 2010

munimuni # 46

The weekend was spent bonding with B mostly. We listened to music, drew, studied, and talked. We also went to McDonald's where he played for an hour then devoured an entire meal by himself. Seriously.

He looked pretty happy right? He should. Hehe ...
On a side note, things have gotten better with J and that makes me extra happy. I'll post pics soon. 19 months now ... 19 months ... =)


  1. hi pretty mama, i love your blog, just passing by and I'm glad I found it. Ang gwapo ng baby mo ah.

  2. Thanks for sharing these fun shots. I could tell B had a wonderful time.

  3. My kids love McD, but when my oldest was about two she was too afraid to come down from the indoor play structure. I had climb up to get her.


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