Saturday, April 3, 2010

SPH # 23: Sweet (Razon's HaloHalo)

I've been hearing a lot about Razon's Halo Halo and how its the best halo halo in town. Today, I was able to finally try it since my brother treated us. The ice is unbelievable. It's so fine that it just melts in your mouth. There are only 6 stuff inside it but its such a great mix coz the taste complement each other.

I think I'm in love with it now. =)
* This is my contribution to SPH Sweet.


  1. wow! katakamtakam.. I miss halo-halo..Sweet indeed!

    My PhotoHunt Entry is up too.. Sweet

  2. It looks amazing!

    You left a comment about the SODIS water purification system.

    Apparently, it really works on even the most contaminated water. They use it in Africa, Asia, South America, and Haiti...

  3. thx for visiting my entry. wow that halohalo looks good, bagay na bagay sa hot weather. bili ko ung ensaymada bread sa goldilocks d2 sa sandiego. parang exag kc d2 pg mkalagay ng cheese pero infairness ang sarap din :)

  4. Looks yummy and sweet! What is halo halo made of? cheers

  5. Very sweet photos. Happy weekend.

  6. I had to look up halohalo on Google; now I need to find a Filipino restaurant so I can try it.

  7. I wish I knew what Halo Halo was!! Am I lame for not knowing?

    Great pictures!

  8. Halo halo is a Filipino dish with around 6-12 ingredients ... mostly its ice and milk .. yummy stuff ...


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