Tuesday, February 23, 2010

have faith little one

Last night, I found myself crying and crying and crying ... I think I cried for almost 3 hours straight. All the time I was crying, I was exchanging SMS with two people who matter to me and whom I know could set my depressed mind to where it should be.

I felt so lost and out of faith. I know that God will not forsake me but at the back of my mind was a little voice saying, "are you sure?"

I was so scared. I was scared for B and his future and what will happen to us. I was so scared of a lot of things. Thank God Vida and Arnie were both there to calm me down and set my skewed mind straight. I got my faith back and whenever I feel it wavering, I just sing the song "have faith little one ... "

Thank you Lord for sending little angels my way.


  1. You have to have faith. At least that's what I tell myself every day. Our baby turns one next month and he still has not figured out how to eat.

  2. That is heartbreaking but he is still a very lucky guy ... he has you and your wife for parents and i know that no matter what, you both will be there for him no matter what.

    Faith. We need to have that.

  3. What I sing when things are not going right is "God Will Make a Way..." I just sing it over and over... Cheers Kay, things will work out.

  4. Life can challenge our faith every now. It's really up to us to keep our faith strong. I'm happy that you always overcome those challenges.


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