DVD marathon .. obsessions ... and what not ...

Today was a day of mindless entertainment save for the latter part. I went home at around 7 am after a fun fun night hanging out with friends. When I got home, I slept till noon but made sure that I was up by lunchtime to spend it with family. Afterwards, we just basically hanged out at home. I tried to scrapbook but the creative juices needed was just not there and it didn't happen. I think I need my iPOD with me to get it going again.

I watched Dance Flick, The Rebound, and 500 Days of Summer. Dance Flick was so-so, The Rebound was charming, and 500 Days of Summer sorta met my expectations. It was a story about a boy meeting a girl, and not a love story. I love the intro part the most. LOL.

It was also the 1st time that I didnt' do much a text marathon. Hehe. It was kinda refreshing. I guess I am feeling more secure now.

However, I am obsessing about getting the Ericsson SATIO phone, iPOD speakers, and a laptop. I am so so so obsessing over it. Sigh.

So that's how my Sunday went. How did your Sunday go?