Tuesday, June 2, 2009

munimuni # 40

The weekend was restful for me. I was able to do some groceries and I was able to sleep for more than 10 hours both Saturday and Sunday night. Wheee! That is so rare for me.

We also celebrated the 21st bday of my twin brothers. No pictures yet since the damn cord is broken. Huhuhu. Kirk cooked and Karl fixed the pc. I guess that tells you what their specialties are. The house is now 3/4 done with all the unpacking and sorting. There are still some minor things to fix but overall, its okay.

My Mom is a little bit stressed (prayers for peace of mind for her would be much appreciated) and is a bit worried too. The owner of the house we used to rent is a PSYCHO. Her house was robbed by some people and she blames my mom. She claims that my mom had something to do with it. THAT BITCH! How dare she say that about my mom? FUCKER!!!

Sigh. Sorry for losing my temper there but really, it makes the blood boil. We had nothing to do with it and it is not our fault that they were stupid enough to leave the aircon slots open and that they placed valuable stuff without someone guarding it. Hello? This is Manila. They should have known better.

Gggrrrr .....

Anyway, overall the week was pretty good save for that sore spot. My brothers are now 21 and in good health. My entire family is in good health which I am really grateful for. J and I are doing really well too and its been cool. My friends have been reaching out to me so that's another good thing. =)

Overall, I know that we are still blessed.


  1. What is wrong with people? Just because your mom use to rent that house doesn't mean she came back and robbed the place.

  2. I have no idea. It really gets me mad when I think of it. Its a good thing I believe in KARMA.


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