Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love cuddling!

On facebook, there's a fan page for cuddling. I, of course, made sure that I was listed as a fan. There is much to be said about the healing powers of cuddling. It relaxes me so much when I cuddle with someone I love and care for. There's something more to be said about sleeping in the arms of someone you love. When you're wrapped around his arms, and you fall asleep while staring at his face ... it truly is one of the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Some people I know do not like cuddling, hugging, or even being touched. I feel sad for them; to not have this kind of connection or intimacy is just sad IMO. I'm glad I like being hugged, touched, and cuddled by people that I love. It really is very soothing and reassuring.


  1. Hi Kay
    Thanks for popping by my blog. I really appreciate new readers.
    I'll look forward to reading some more of your posts.

  2. I like cuddling too, but so far my son is the only kid that likes to cuddle with me.


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