Tuesday, March 17, 2009

what goes around comes around

Today, a ghost from my past called me. This ghost brought back memories of a giddy 17 year old girl who would steal sideway glances at this Adonis of a man. He was handsome with a smile to die for. He had a toned body and his height was just perfect for me to lean on his chest and fit just right (not that I've ever been able to.)

He was THE ONE. He was my biggest crush and just the mere sight of him was enough to send me giggling which I never do. He was the one who had several frames in my 18th bday video coz I asked the videographer to take lots of frames of him. He was THE ONE.

Fast forward to 8 years later ...

Obviously, he was not the one. He was not even close to being the one. He was far off from being the one. He never courted me, he never made a move. I hoped he would but he never did.

So what I felt for him slowly died. I moved on and I found out that he had a kid. Today, he called. After almost 8 years of not talking, I hear from him.

I wonder what will come next?


  1. 8 years? nagparamdam ulit? anong motibo? hehehehe

  2. Maybe he was shy. I know I was. It's a good thing my wife isn't shy or we probably would have never gone out.


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