Sunday, March 29, 2009

my favorite food

I will try to post my favorites (whatever they may be every week.) This is gonna be a new thing for me so I hope you guys will appreciate it. =)
  1. fried chicken

  2. buttered shrimp

  3. chocolates (anything!)

  4. beef steak

  5. chopsuey

And because I'm in a very sharing mood, I have linked them all to recipes which you can use to cook and try to find out why I love them. Hope weekend was great!


  1. hi, thanks for visiting my site.
    Pareho tayo ng favorite food except lang sa chocolate at beef steak. Ewan ko ba parang na lalansahan ako sa beef. Pero gusto ko ang corned beef (wierd no?) sa chocolate nga pala kung maka punta ka ng Belgium punta ka sa Bruges...sobrang sarap ng chocolate nila dun...ang sabi dun daw ang pinaka masarap na chocolate. Nung andun kasi ako di "wala lang feeling ko chocolate lang sya ahahhaa"

  2. is there anything that you like that i don't like? hehehehe

    gosh, yung chop suey.. it's driving me crazy just looking at the picture.

    shrimp and chicken... both finger lickin good!

    chocolates. need i say more?


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