Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Your Passion Type
You mix passion with pragmatism

Key Traits: open, sensitive, balanced, empathetic, loyal, thoughtful Introspective and self-aware, you have a solid grip on your emotions. Your friends and family consider you "the rock" they can turn to and lean on during tough times. Part of that trust comes from the fact that you always try your best to say what you mean and mean what you say. This is part of your healthy outlook on life, love and work. Hard work is important, but remember to listen to your instinct when it tells you to take a step back and enjoy the quiet moments. There are certain things that you will always be passionate about, whether it's a certain cuisine, a type of music, or a particular sport. On the flipside, there are also things that will never interest you. But that's OK. Your romantic partner appreciates your unwavering sensibility, your balanced temperament, and consistent signs of love and care.

Your Emotional Type
Friends and family are the most important people in your life. You're good about keeping track of birthdays, people appreciate that you care about them.

Your Intellectual Type
You have a naturally curious mind. If there's something new that you want to learn, you're not afraid to ask questions or investigate on your own.

Your Physical Type
Sunny days are not lost on you. If you get the chance, you hit the beach or the mountains to enjoy the fresh air.

ENTJExtraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging

ENTJs often excel in business. They are assertive, outspoken, confident, outgoing, energetic, charismatic, fair-minded, and unaffected by conflict or criticism. However, other traits may lessen the impact of their strengths. They may appear argumentative, confrontational, insensitive, intimidating, and controlling. They can overwhelm others with their energy, intelligence, and desire to order the world around them. ENTJs tend to cultivate their personal power, and often end up taking charge of a situation that seems (to their mind, at least) to be out of control. Also, ENTJs seek knowledge, striving to learn new things, which helps them become good problem-solvers. They may be viewed by others as aloof and cold-hearted, since ENTJs appear to take a tough approach to emotional or personal issues. In situations requiring feeling and value judgments, ENTJs are well served to seek the advice of a trusted Feeling type.

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