Sunday, November 16, 2008

munimuni # 26

Last week I was not able to post because I moved out of H's house. Yes, I did. After 4 years, I am now more at peace with myself and life. Yes, I may be worrying about money but that's money. At least, I am happier now and I can focus on the really important stuff: B, my family, and my career.
So for this week, all I did was to settle in and make sure that B felt much much better. Thankfully, he is better now and healthier. Also, I got DSL at home because the EX took out my wifi access. Talk about childish.
I also got a brand new desktop, router, external hard drive, iPod Classic, and headsets for myself and my Mom. Thank God for 0% installments. Lol! I also got my Starbucks planner last last week. It is so cool. I shall post pics soon as J sends them to me.
Things that I am really thankful for this week are the following:
1) B is much better now. He is eating and playing again. My Mom's main objective: Make B fatter and be potty trained.
2) My Mom and siblings have been really supportive of me and my decision to end that relationship. Thank you.
3) J has been really supportive. I haven't been the best person to hang out with or talk to but he has just been there.
4) My team at work. They are the bomb. Thank God for that.
5) Nanny J. She rocks. Nanny M and E too.
So many good things have happened amidst the rumoil. I feel that the bad luck has ended. All good things now. ALL good things.


  1. It is great to know that you are happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Glad to hear you finally moved out. For some reason, I thought you guys were already apart.


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