Sunday, February 24, 2008

collecting clutter

I decided to share some stuff with you since I've been cleaning and organizing things. Above are some of my Snoopy collection as well as some of my Starbucks mug collections. This was lovingly arranged by the best MIL one can possibly have. Cute huh?

I collect a lot of things actually. These are the ones I cannot let go of.
  • scrapbooks
  • care bear stuff
  • notebooks
  • scrap stuff (for the scrapbook)
  • colored pens
  • accessories
  • picture frames
  • hair accessories
  • dvd's
  • patterns for cross stitching
  • kitchy christmas ornaments
  • ref magnets
I have stopped collecting the following:
  • stickers
  • stuffed toys
  • pillows
  • shoes
  • belts
What do you collect?


  1. I have a hard time parting with magazines, any magazines. Every now and then I'll gather my stacks and send them off to soldiers overseas. They are always asking for stuff to read. I try to collect pens, because I never have one when I need one, but I'm pretty unsuccessful at that.

    Nekked Lizards

  2. Thanks Randy and Kim ... I have the same obsession too ... I keep buying magazines ... hehe ... but now I make it a point to buy cooking magazines ... hopefully to become a kitchen diva one day. Lol!

  3. You have lovely and interesting collections.

    I have a Hello Kitty collection but I've started giving away some of them.

  4. I'd love to collect tea set but it's too expensive. And I've been on the cleaning out the clutter mode, the basement aka black hole, is now very clean! So proud of myself for doing that but hopefully it'll be clean for a while.

  5. hi kay!
    found my way here through gracey's blog. my favorite here would be the way your profile description. so real, so honest, so human.

    by the way, i hoard lotsa stuffs, like stamps and stickers and stationeries and pens and notebooks! but not that eager as before. i take it easy now, and most stuffs i start giving away now, since i'm moving soon and i can't bring much stuffs with me. ;-)

  6. Rachel ... me want your Hello Kitty collection. Ü

    Betty ... salute salute salute ... I can't seem to throw away all my clutter.

    Miss Firefly, welcome welcome and as much as I would love to take credit for my who is kay thingie ... I lifted it from Gretchen since EVERY SINGLE WORD is what I had in mind as well.

  7. Hi, great collection! I'm a collector of city mugs too. If you're interested to trade/swap city mugs, I can be contacted at

    Happy collecting!



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