Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sunday Visits

Here are some pictures from the Sunday visits to my parents place we have with B in tow ...
This is B playing ba-ba-ba with my Dad and Mom. Dad is amused and my Mom ... need I say more? =)This is Kianna with her nephew, B. B looks like he's worried he's about to fall off at any minute. Hahaha!This is Lola Concing with a 1 month old B ... looking pretty upset too ... he's been transferred from one pair of arm to another one too many times .... LoL!This is Karl with B inside the van ... the shocked look on B's face is because he almost fell from his Uncle's lap ... the Uncle thought that Bhad a very good sense of balance ...This is Uncle Kirk with B during Kianna's birthday party ... cool huh? They look like models no?

So there it is ... my family (not including my Ate because she has to see B in person ... God knows when?) =p

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