Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day Out with the Twins

This is uber late in being posted so I'm gonna make it as detailed as possible ...

Brent and I were supposed to go to my parent's house but Daddy said to not go anymore since Ron wouldn't be going with us because he has to go to work for a meeting. So we decided that we would just go buy the twins clothes for their prom.

Tiring but felt good coz we bonded ...

And here are the twins showing off their chosen outfits ...

This is Karl (on the left) in his formal suit ... conservative but hot! It's from Onesimus but we got it quite cheap since it was on sale for 25% off ... cool huh?

The other is Kirk in his brown outfit. Very suave and fashionista. Got his suit from GQ. It was on sale at 50% off. Now that is sweet. He was even able to buy another turtleneck of another color coz his outfit cost less than 4k.

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