Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kianna's 6th birthday

We didn't have a party or anything like that .. .we just bought food from the seafood market (total cost was around P10k) but it was so yummy ... got huge shrimps, squid, california crab, suwahe. Yum yum.

Also bought shobe a cake (eeekkk!!! P1k for a cake? A simple cake?) but it was worth it coz she was happy to have had a cake and some candles to blow out.

Happy birthday Kianna! Hope you won't be as hard headed as me. LoL! I wish you all the wisdom that you would need to survive the growing up years ... a kindness that is hard to maintain when everyone seems out to get you and the knowledge that we are all here to support you in everything that you do.

Here are some pics ...

This one is fromt he seafood market ... cool thing about this place was that it didn't stink ... see the fishes and some squid ... fresh and tasty ... I should know, I ate some of them ... hihihi ...

This one is a picture of the kiddie mobiles I made from scratch. Instructions on how to make one for your friends or babies can be found here.

It was time consuming but I'm hoping that Shobe's friends loved it. Or else .... LoL!

I made dolphins, cats, mushrooms, pigs, dogs, and turtles. They're in weird colors coz I suck at color combinations.

Doesn't it show?

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